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Repair of concrete surfaces, joint defects or corner cracks

This type of recovery consists in repairing the surface, and in a durable way, the damaged concrete pavements (spalling, cracks, crazing, or resurfacing of broken slab joints).

This solution offers the advantage of providing an alternative to the complete demolition of the structure, of lastingly correcting damage to small thicknesses with materials that are rigid or sufficiently flexible to prevent any crack rising without subsequent joint treatment. It also allows rapid reopening during operation, between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the outside temperatures and the type of material used.

Several products can be used to repair paving spills:

  • Epoxy mortar for small repairs to spalling slabs that are not very wide (5-10cm) and shallow (<10cm)
  • Quick-setting, shrinkage-compensated mortar for repairing spills from a minimum of 2.5cm up to 5cm thick on spallings larger than those treated with epoxy (width greater than 10cm).
  • Quick-setting micro-concrete with compensated shrinkage for repairs to spills over 5cm thick up to 15 – 20cm thick (part width greater than 10cm)
  • High-performance, quick-setting concrete for larger repairs (thickness greater than 20cm)
  • Flexible products, applied hot for repairs to elements subject to high expansion or repairs to active cracks.