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Reconstruction of slabs in rapid-hardening concrete

We offer special rapid-hardening concrete that achieve the strength of conventional aeronautical concrete at 28 days, in a few hours to a few days (formulations offered here).

This solution offers the advantages to correct durably the disorders encountered on aeronautical pavements with materials of the same nature as those surrounding them. It also able to reopen aircraft traffic and operation as soon as possible.

Disorders on roads / areas that can be corrected with rapid concrete:

  • Fractured slab
  • Angle or longitudinal cracks
  • Slab subsidence,
  • Slab beating (strumming)
  • Substitution of coated materials used in temporary repairs

Thanks to our trucks equipped with mobile concrete stations, we can offer you all types of concrete directly on site, day or night.

Advantages of this method:

  • No transport factor, implementation is done immediately after mixing, without loss of quality related to transport
    100% of the concrete workability time is available for implementation,
  • Continuous production on site without site stoppage pending deliveries,
  • One single truck instead of a station and plentiful of spinning top,
    Possibility of night production without additional station opening cost,
  • No interference with other sites supplied at the same time by the same station.