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Our production capacities

Our concrete plants allow us to produce between 10m3/h and 60m3/h, depending on the version.

Loaded with all the components, it allows us to produce 7m3 with the 8×4 trucks, and 12m3 with the semi-trailer trucks.

Sand, aggregates and cement can be replenished in the hoppers and the silos during production on a constant basis, by crane trucks, silos or feeders. Water can also be restock during production by pumping into a buffer tank.

With a constant replenishment, including times of implementation, adjustment, smoothing, floating, sweeping and application of curing compounds, the maximum casting yield is approximately 45m3/station (10 hours of actual work).

The night performances are identical (for identical working range). For a night of 5 hours of casting, we are able to sink approximately 22.5 m3.

These run times include demolition.